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Champions from Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia and Czech Republic proceed to the next round of the EHF Women’s Champions League.

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First qualification round finished

After in total twelve matches in two venues the four last participants of the second qualification round of the EHF Women’s Champions League are known.

The champions from Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia and Czech Republic proceed to the next round, as the rest of the teams will go on in the Cup Winners Cup.

The second and decisive qualification round will be played in two weeks, only the winners of those four tournaments qualify for the Group Phase.

Group A

(played in PEAK Olympionikis D.Tofalos, Bozaitika Patras, GRE)

Thanks to three clear victories the Dutch champion MizuWaAi Dalfsen secured the first place in this tournament.

As all the other teams finished with each 2 points on their account the direct encounter and the goal difference had to decide. In the end Gil Eanes – Lagos from Portugal made their way to the second qualification round.

Dalfsen will play in Group 4 with Randers, Bergen and Sävehof, Lagos in Group 3 with Debrecen, Buxtehude and Lubin.

Friday, 2 September 2011
Ormi Loux Patras (GRE) vs. LC Brühl Handball (SUI) 27:26
MizuWaAi Dalfsen (NED) vs. Gil Eanes – Lagos (POR) 31:25

Saturday, 3 September 2011
LC Brühl Handball (SUI) vs. MizuWaAi Dalfsen (NED) 25:40
Gil Eanes – Lagos (POR) vs. Ormi Loux Patras (GRE) 32:25

Sunday, 4 September 2011
LC Brühl Handball (SUI) vs. Gil Eanes – Lagos (POR) 32:30
Ormi Loux Patras (GRE) vs. MizuWaAi Dalfsen (NED) 24:32

Group B

(played in Chemkostav Arena, Michalovce, SVK)

Serbian champion RK Zajecar played a dominant role in this tournament in Slovakia, won all three matches and each scored more than 30 goals.

By beating the host and their neighbours from Iuventa Michalovce in the decisive last match, the Czech champion Britterm Veseli nad Moravou also proceed to the next qualification round.

Zajecar play in Group 1 with Cluj, Rostov and Viborg, Veseli will meet Trondheim, Elda and Metalurg in Group 2.

Friday, 2 September 2011
RK Zajecar (SRB) vs. Britterm Veseli nad Moravou (CZE) 31:17
Üsküdar B.S.K. (TUR) vs. Iuventa Michalovce (SVK) 28:38

Saturday, 3 September 2011
Britterm Veseli nad Moravou (CZE) vs. Üsküdar B.S.K. (TUR) 30:26
Iuventa Michalovce (SVK) vs. RK Zajecar (SRB) 26:36

Sunday, 4 September 2011
Üsküdar B.S.K. (TUR) vs. RK Zajecar (SRB) 27:34
Iuventa Michalovce (SVK) vs. Britterm Veseli nad Moravou (CZE) 21:30

TEXT: Björn Pazen