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In the final of the 2011 Women’s 17 European Championship in the Czech Republic they defeated Denmark in a thriller.

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Russia win Women’s 17 EURO

The match for the seventh place in the European championship was crucial as the winners would qualify for the World championship. Romania defeated the Netherlands and took that spot.

In the match for fifth place Sweden started very well with excellent counter attacks, but from the end of first half on, the French team turned the match and could win the placement match.

Norway was able to defend their bronze medal from 2009. In the 3/4 placement match they won over Hungary, who they had defeated once before in the Quarterfinal group after penalties.

The Danish team seemed to have learned from their five-goal defeat against Russia in the Quarterfinal group and started confidently into the final and could take the lead. But after a time-out the Russians improved, especially in defence. The match was very close over a long period, and five minutes before the final whistle the Danish team led by three goals. But in a thriller finish, the Russians not only managed to equalize but to also score the game-winning goal with a penalty.

Final Ranking

1. Russia
2. Denmark
3. Norway
4. Hungary
5. France
6. Sweden
7. Romania
8. Netherlands
9. Croatia
10. Germany
11. Spain
12. Czech Republic
13. Portugal
14. Austria
15. Poland
16. Slovakia

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