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Itxako´s coach Ambros Martín talks to after the EHF Champions League Final.

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EHF Champions League Final impressions IV How did you see the game, what´s your analysis?

Ambros Martín: We had a very bad start, where we were down by several goals. It was probably because the big lapse between the warm-up and the match´s start. Also, nervousness played a big role. But then you snapped out of it and put up a fight against Larvik. What happened?

Ambros Martín: We found our rhythm and we delivered an equal game, but with an unlucky end. Do you still consider this second place as a success?

Ambros Martín: Of course not, as we wanted the trophy. I may re-consider it and say something else tomorrow or in a week.

TEXT: Márk Hegedüs