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Larvik’s goalkeeper Cecilie Leganger and coach Tor Odvar Moen are confident after the first leg of the Final.

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"Lessons learned"

Larvik goalkeeper Cecilie Leganger is a fantastic last line of defence for the Norwegians. She is having a tremendous season in the EHF Champions League and is ready to win the trophy for the third time.

At the first leg of the EHF Champions League Final, Larvik coach Tor Odvar Moen and goalkeeper Cecilie Leganger spoke to ehfCL.com, the latter playing her fourth EHF CL final. Despite only winning by a slim margin at home, both showed great optimism before the return match in Spain.

ehfCL.com: You won the first leg final match by two goals. How would you analyze the game?

Cecilie Leganger: As expected it was a tough challenge against very good Spanish opponents. We had some problems in the beginning that lasted over the whole length of the first half. We weren’t able to find our rhythm in attack, but in second half we succeeded much better and turned the game.

Tor Odvar Moen: I’m pleased about our victory. A Final in the EHF Women’s Champions League should be like this: tight and exciting.

ehfCL.com: Did Itxako manage to surprise you during the match, were you expecting them to defend six-zero?

Cecilie Leganger: Even though they were using open defence systems in their previous matches, it didn’t come as a big surprise that in Larvik they opted for the classic style of defence. I think they went for it because of the good co-operation between left back Tonje Larsen and line player Heidi Løke. With Itxako´s defence attacking Tonje, we are able to create more space on the line for Heidi.

Tor Odvar Moen: I have to admit that Itxako presented themselves as strong as in previous matches of the season. Many fans were expecting a higher margin for our victory, but the Spaniards proved why they are in the Final. They used an aggressive defence, disturbing our game plan in the first half, which led to longer attacks for us. And that we’re not really used to.

ehfCL.com: How do you see your side’s chances for the return match in Pamplona?

Cecilie Leganger: We’ll need to improve in quality for the second match, and we’ll have to work on our mistakes of the first match. I’m confident we’ll do so! A difference of two goals is not much in today’s handball, so we will have to be focused from the early minutes on.

Tor Odvar Moen: We will analyse and learn a lot of lessons from the first match, and will correct the errors for the second leg.

TEXT: Márk Hegedüs