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Despite the two-goal defeat in Larvik on Saturday, Itxako’s Emiliya Turey believes in her team’s chances.

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Turey: "Not an impossible margin"

Russian left wing Emiliya Turey is one of Itxako Reyno de Navarra’s most experimented players. In the season 2006/07 she already won the EHF Women’s Champions League with the Danish club Slagelse DT.

Her contribution will be very important in the decisive game of the season, the upcoming second leg of the Final. And the Russian national team player is optimistic for the second leg in Pamplona.

ehfCL.com: What are your feelings after the first leg Final in Larvik?

Emiliya Turey: I am very positive. Two goals is not an impossible margin in a final, this is handball. Five or six goals could be an unfeasible objective but this score we can recover in Pamplona. The mood in the entire team is very optimistic.

ehfCL.com: What is your opinion about the performance of your team in Norway?

Emiliya Turey: We knew that Larvik is a very fast team and tried to stop them running. We did not make a lot of mistakes which was great for us. Because we really are a different team and play a special style of handball.

ehfCL.com: How important is it for Itxako Reyno de Navarra to play the second leg in Spain?

Emiliya Turey: It is very good for us. We will have a lot of fans that will be cheering for us. We will play in a bigger court than ours in Estella, so our people will be in Pamplona and even more fans will support us.

ehfCL.com: Do you think that Lavik will feel pressure on the hot court of Pamplona?

Emilya Turey: I do not expect them to. They are a very experienced group of players and will not feel especially pressured by our fans. The support of our people will only help us.

ehfCL.com: What is the message for the team before the next game?

Emilya Turey: It is very easy, we have to give the best we can, 100% of our capabilities. It is the only way if we want to win the title. We know that they are a very strong team and that all of the players are in the successful national team. We really need to give all we have.

ehfCL.com: You arrived to the club from FC Handball. Is Itxako’s high level performance this season a surprise for you?

Emiliya Turey: No. I knew the team before and they are a very aggressive team and confirmed that when arrived to Estella. We are all hungry of victories, and this is the first time that our team participates in the EHF Women’s Champions League Final.

ehfCL.com: What do you expect to feel if you get the title?

Emiliya Turey: Of course, I will be extremely happy and our team too. It would be our first title in this elite competition. Winning that trophy will be impossible to describe…

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi