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After missing most of the season, French defence specialist Raphaëlle Tervel is back at Itxako.

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Tervel is back for the final

Raphaëlle Tervel has experienced a very difficult season at her Spanish club Itxako Reyno De Navarra. The French international missed out the initial five months due to a severe back injury, after that she suffered of other problems.

A twisted ankle denied Tervel helping the team for another two months. But now, after this hard year, she is finally ready to face the EHF Champions League Final against Norwegian Larvik HK.

ehfCL.com: How do you feel after these injuries?

Raphaëlle Tervel: It has been an extraordinary hard season for me. I am feeling better every day. After my injuries, the team got new objectives which gave me a lot of motivation to return. I have prepared very well for the next matches and hope to be ready to help my mates with 100 percent.

ehfCL.com: Are you prepared to start the comeback in such a hard game as a final?

Raphaëlle Tervel: I feel very well right now. To play the EHF Champions League Final is the biggest motivation a player can get. It is my first Final, and probably it will be my last chance to win this competition once, so I am very sure to be ready.

ehfCL.com: Is Itxako ready for this eliminatory?

Raphaëlle Tervel: Yes, of course. We are really confident to win the games. We have improved a lot during the season and play on a high level. In defence, we are able to play several different systems and the atmosphere within the team is really good. That is normal, if you win, everything is alright.

ehfCL.com: How useful are Spanish league games for Itxako?

Raphaëlle Tervel: After the Semifinal against Györ we had a week to rest, which was very good for us. Then we had two games in the Spanish league, that were interesting and helpful. These matches gave us the opportunity to train different options. By that we could prepare better for the games against Larvik and at the same time recover the feeling from the matches against Györ.

ehfCL.com: What is your opinion of Larvik?

Raphaëlle Tervel: They play handball in a very fast way. Basically, they run, run and run (laughs). It is clear that they have worked very hard because they really play as a team, as a group. Their fast breaks are good and often decisive. We must not lose any balls after unnecessary mistakes. Every mistake will result in a received goal, that we are very aware of.

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi