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Simona Spiridon, Győr’s line player, talks about the defeat in Itxako and about her leaving the club after this season.

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A hole in the heart

In the first semifinal clash, the Hungarian champions Győri Audi ETO lost with a five-goal margin against Itxako Reyna De Navarra. Győr’s line player, Simona Spiridon, spoke to ehfCL.com about their defeat, but also expressed her feelings about leaving the team after this season.

ehfCL.com: What was your biggest mistake in Spain?

Simona Spiridon: I would say that our defence was terrible, but neither our attack worked properly. Before the match we heard and read – both in Hungary as well as abroad – that everyone considered Itxako having reached the semifinals surprisingly. I also believe that this is true.

On the other hand we played as awful as we have not been playing in the entire season. I guess that even our defeat against Larvik on home court looked better than that. Recently we showed a bad performance against Érd in the Hungarian League. It is quite strange because I couldn’t feel anything strange or see a bad sign before the match.

ehfCL.com: Were you very upset after the defeat?

Simona Spiridon: Naturally all of us were angry and sad, because nobody was really expecting it. Now we really have to come together again and fight ahead, since there are no other possibilities. We have to win at least by six goals, or we can say goodbye. I guess that all of us would like to move on, so we will perform 110 percent.

If we manage to show nice handball we can win by more than six goals. I always step onto the court with no fear inside me against Itxako, Larvik or any other opposing teams. I am only afraid of my own team.

ehfCL: This is your last year in Győr. Is the EHF Champions League campaign a motivational plus for you?

Simona Spiridon: For sure it is the most important for me as we have a great opportunity to win it. But I guess all of the remaining teams think the same.

ehfCL: Which team from the other semifinal is your favourite team, Larvik or Buducnost?

Simona Spiridon: I guess that is also a totally opened game. Any of them could reach the final. Buducnost played poorly in the first match, they are much better than their performance. Furthermore it is quite hard to win in Montenegro, where thousands of fans are support the home team.

ehfCL: You will play a semifinal match in the Hungarian League against Vác tonight. What are your expectations?

Simona Spiridon: This clash will be useful for us, as we can build up our team and practise against Itxako. We watched the whole match against the Spanish side on Tuesday evening.

ehfCL: What about your future, do you already know where will you continue next season?

Simona Spiridon: Larvik were really interested in taking me, we had serious negotiations. Finally I said no to them, because I am thinking of taking one year off. Larvik has accepted my choice, and then wrote a contract with Isabel Blanco. I still cannot see my future clearly. If we would win the final of the EHF Champions League, I will for sure have a rest. I also have some other offers, but I could not decide yet.

ehfCL.com: The fans here love you, but you will leave Győr. How does that feel?

Simona Spiridon: Of course I am not happy to have to leave the team. But life goes on and I cannot stop it. I felt good here, had very nice years in Győr. I am sure my heart will hurt for a while, and I will have a hole in it.

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EHF Women’s Champions League, semifinals, second leg
Sunday 17 April 2011, 17:30 hrs (local time)
Győri Audi ETO KC (HUN) vs. Itxako Reyna De Navarra (ESP)

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