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Györ's right winger Katarína Mravíková will end her career after this season. But before that she wants to win the title.

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Mravíková to quit on a high

Hungarian champions Győri Audi ETO KC will open their EHF Women’s Champions League semi-finals with an away game in Estella.

Slovakian born right winger Katarína Mravíková spoke to about that match but also about her feelings over ending her carrier. Is one week of preparation enough for an EHF Champions League semi-final?

Katarína Mravíková: That is a good question, although we actually already started last week with our preparations against Itxako. We have studied their matches and have already tried to practise how to play against them in our training sessions. If we manage to speed up a bit, we should not have to be concerned. Are you satisfied your team’s EHF Champions League performance so far?

Katarína Mravíková: Of course! Everybody should be satisfied with it, as we are in the semi-finals. We achieved nice results except for the match against Larvik at home. We even won our group, so there is no reason to complain. We just have to continue like this. You mentioned that you already watched a video of Itxako. Based on what you saw, are you surprised that they are among the top four teams?

Katarína Mravíková: It was only the summary of one match. Personally, I was surprised that they have come so far in the competition. I rather expected a team like Vâlcea to go through to the semi-finals.

The video we saw shows that our Spanish opponents run a lot. They have a good back court player, and also their pivots and wings are skilful. So over all they have a high-quality team. Is it an advantage to start with an away match?

Katarína Mravíková: Yes, that is always a good thing. In my opinion Itxako do not have the same home advantage compared to us us. When our supporters start to cheer in a loud way, that is almost like an extra player for us.

There is no so shocking atmosphere in Estella, which is good for us. If we manage to defend on about the same level as in Larvik, there will be no major problems. How about yourself, are you still sure to end your carrier after this season?

Katarína Mravíková: Yes, I am sure. I have decided that it is time to quit. So inside me I feel a powerful motivation to win the EHF Champions League title this year. Not many players could end their carrier on top, and I wish to be one of these lucky players. That would make me really happy! Are you currently in a good form?

Katarína Mravíková: I feel really good, everything is okay. Recently I failed to score some easy goals in the Hungarian Cup. I would like to make that up and score these goals on Saturday in Spain. But you are in the shape to prolong your carrier with another one or two years...

Katarína Mravíková: I feel this is the right time to quit, as I desire to do something else. I would like to go home to Slovakia, and start doing things not related to handball. It is true that I have already gotten used to living a life of a foreign player, as I have been abroad for ten years now. Not being too young anymore, I might to think from a family's point of view and quit now.

Will Katarína Mravíková’s dreams of winning the EHF Women’ Champions League become reality? Watch Győr take on the sensation team from Spain on the free-of-charge live web stream on

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