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Itxako’s left back Nerea Pena expects a tough challenge against Györ.

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Pena: "They are the favourites"

Nerea Pena is only 22 years old, but the left back has already played quite a lot of important games, both for her club Itxako Reyno de Navarra and the Spanish national team.

Currently she has reached a very special moment in her career. The upcoming semi-final matches of the EHF Champions League against Audi ETO Győr will be decisive for her team.

Nerea Pena is ready to face the semis in her best form. Before the game in Estella, she talked to about the duel. How do you feel in the last days before the first leg of the semis?

Nerea Pena: We are working very hard at the moment. We had to play a decisive game in the Spanish league and at the same time prepare for semi-final game in Estella. For us this is a great opportunity, this is a dream coming true for us. What is your opinion about your opponents Győr?

Nerea Pena: We respect them a lot as we are aware that they are a very good team with great players. They are the favourites of the eliminatory, of course, but we will fight to the end to be in the final. Would you have preferred to face Larvik in this round?

Nerea Pena: We could not choose the rivals. Larvik and Győr are very different. The Norwegians play very fast, their style of handball is not good for us. Győr do not play so fast, they prefer another kind of handball. Perhaps the Hungarian style could be better for us, but still Győr is a superb team. What is the best way to beat Győr?

Nerea Pena: That is an interesting question. We have to be very strong in the defence and not let them have fast breaks. There is no place for mistakes in our offensive handball because they convert mistakes into goals. Could the pressure on the teams be an important factor?

Nerea Pena: I have already stated earlier that they are the favourites. That’s why I believe that they are under more pressure to reach the final, while we are having a historic season in this competition. Of course, we would also wish to reach the final. So, yes, the pressure could be important in the decisive moments of the games. Has Itxako Reyno de Navarra got a real chance to reach the final?

Nerea Pena: Of course! They might be favourites, but we have shown that we are good to beat great teams like Vâlcea, Krim or Budućnost. I am sure that our team will again perform on their best level.

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TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi