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Interview with Krim’s coach Marta Bon, who will end the cooperation with her club after this season.

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Bon: "Too many injuries"

Next Saturday's game against Oltchim Vâlcea will bring a bitter farewell for Krim Mercator. This season the Slovenians were hoping to reach at least the semi-finals of the EHF Women’s Champions League. But after four consecutive defeats, their dreams have vanished.

On the official website of the club, Krim’s coach Marta Bon stated that she would not extend her contract and that she will leave the club this summer.

In an interview to made earlier, she explained what had been the biggest problems for her and her team and told about how they would like to finish the season with a victory. How big was the disappointment after losing in Spain to Itxako and by that eliminating the opportunity to reach semi-finals?

Marta Bon: Of course, after the Itxako game we were going through a lot of different emotions. Losing by one single goal is never easy. A few days later I look back a bit different on the situation. We were part of the best eight European teams, which is a great achievement. Have a look around and you will see big clubs that failed, like Podravka or Viborg. After analyzing our season performance it is clear that we were unlucky with injuries. Both our pivots had their problems, so had the back court players Penezic and Lekic, and Zacsik left the club. So after all you did not fulfil Krim's season objectives…

Marta Bon: Prior to the season we wanted more, but our goals were set much higher than we were able to achieve. The squad was not as we wanted it to be, since we had no appropriate substitutes for our key players. Furthermore, we did not function like in previous seasons. But I am still proud of what we have achieved. What was the main reason for not reaching the semi-finals?

Marta Bon: It is not a secret that we could not practice properly as we had many problems with injuries. Far too seldom the whole team was complete and fit during the week and in the preparation phase. That is the reason why our tactical width collapsed. We started to become predictable in our ways of playing. Due to all those problems we were unable to execute my playing model. Do you agree that all teams in the Main Round were beatable?

Marta Bon: Maybe they were, if we had all players available, healthy and prepared. Look at other teams, they are built with much more experienced players, who for example were part of Olympic teams, having won medals at World Championships and so on. We have to remain realistic, we can not just enter a game and win. You still have one final step before concluding the EHF Champions League, you will play hosts to Vâlcea in Stozice. Could you mentally prepare the players to go for a victory for the end?

Marta Bon: Each and every game is important for us. There is no doubt that we want to win, so we will play with full strength. A victory would be important for us, for the club and for all people who have been with us in good and in bad times. And, after all problems, you 'lost' another player – back court player Barbara Varlec is pregnant and will not participate anymore.

Marta Bon: I do not know whether this is good or bad news, but we are professionals so as a club we can not be happy about losing her. As friends we wish her all the best during her pregnancy and for her future.

EHF Women’s Champions League, Main Round, Round 6
Saturday 19 March 2011, 17:30 hrs (local time)
RK Krim Mercator (SLO) vs. C.S. "Oltchim" Rm. Vâlcea (ROU)

TEXT: Maja Mastnak