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Playmaker Karolina Kudłacz talks about Leipzig’s view at the Main Round of the EHF Women’s Champions League.

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“Having fun, fighting hard”

Right before the start of the EHF Champions League Main Round German champions HC Leipzig extended the contracts of some key players, and also signed a new top class player.

German national team goalkeeper Katja Schülke extended her contract until 2014, Polish international and Leipzig playmaker Karolina Kudłacz will remain in Leipzig until 2013.

Dutch international Maura Visser (25) – fifth in the top scorer list of the EHF EURO 2010 – will join the team from the start of next season. She transfers from the Danish club KIF Vejen and has signed a contract until 2013.

The HCL puzzle for the next season is getting in shape. ehfCL.com talked to Karolina Kudłacz, in Leipzig since 2006, about her new contract, her objectives in the upcoming Main Round and their opener in Larvik.

ehfCL.com: What were the reasons for you staying in Leipzig?

Karolina Kudłacz: I did have offers from several international top clubs. After analysing these, in the end I had to decide between Leipzig and a Danish club. But I have several reasons to stay in Germany, especially from a sportive point of view. Most important in that decision was the fact that this settlement would keep my head clear and that I with this settlement could focus on only handball for the rest of the season. Which for me as a professional is very important, as the crucial stage of the season is to come.

ehfCL.com: On Saturday the Main Round starts for team – what does that mean to you and your team?

Karolina Kudłacz: It’s great to once again being among the eight best women’s teams of the league – or even of the world – especially when having in mind our difficult personnel situation this season. We have had several injured players. Reaching the Main Round for the second consecutive time means a lot for us and gives us motivation to qualify for the EHF Champions League every year. Looking at which teams have failed to reach the next stage this season gives the success even more value. To play in the EHF Champions League is very special to me, as I meet the world’s best players and can improve on this top level of performance.

ehfCL.com: Your Main Round opener is against Larvik – what are Leipzig’s chances in Norway?

Karolina Kudłacz: We are aware that in not a single one of the EHF Champions League Main Round matches we will be favourites. But we can keep up with all teams and when we manage to perform at our best maybe we have a chance. Our motto for the Main Round is having fun, fighting hard.

TEXT: Björn Pazen