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VELUX EHF Champions League: Nearly nothing decided after Round 7 - Kielce and Schaffhausen back to life, Catalans back on track.

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Barca win classic against Kiel

Still only one team – MKB Veszprém- is already qualified for the last 16 of the VELUX EHF Champions League – even as nearly seven rounds have been played. But this ‘nearly’ is important:Renovalia Ciudad Real could not take the single point they need for the qualification, as their match against HC St. Petersburg had been cancelled due to the flight problems in Spain.

In group B Montpellier can qualify on Monday, as they have their seventh match at this unusual date in Gothenburg against Sävehof. And in group C Chekhovski Medvedi (eleven points) and Valladolid (10) are nearly through to the next stage – but the match Schaffhausen – Minsk from round 6 will be played in February, right before the ‘official’ re-start of the VELUX EHF Champions League. The Swiss champion took his second consecutive victory.

THW Kiel missed the chance for an early qualification by losing in Barcelona – and thanks to the first Kielce victory still all six teams have the chance to go on, so the next three rounds will bring highest tension.

In group D Flensburg and Zagreb need only one more point, too, like Kiel and Löwen in group A.

Group A

Vive Targi Kielce – Chambery Savoie 31:25 (16:15)

Everything is open again in the race for the Last 16: Thanks to their first victory in this VELUX EHF Champions League season Kielce is back on track, equal in points with Celje and only two points below Chambery.

4000 spectators saw a brilliant performance of the home team, especially after the break. In the first half the lead changed constantly – and the defence rows including goalkeepers imprinted the match.

As the Polish champion made less mistakes than in the games before they knew that they can take their first victory. In minute 48 the gap were three goals for the first time, and even as Chambery tried everything to turn the match they failed against the Polish defence.

Best player for the host was Croatian wing Mirza Dzomba, who scored the decisive goals after the break and was top scorer with six goals like Rosinski. Edin Basic hit the back of the net eight times for Chambery.   

FC Barcelona-Borges – THW Kiel 32:29 (13:15)

First defeat for Kiel, as Barcelona secure the third place in this close group two points below THW and Rhein Neckar Löwen. Thanks to their more alternatives the Spaniards could keep the speed high and dominated the second part of the second half clearly.

Kiel had to replace too many players to stand the powerful and fast match play of Barcelona – the Catalans are back on track after the draw against Celje and the defeat in Chambery.

Even as goalkeeper Thierry Omeyer saved 19 shots it was obvious in the second half that Kiel lacked power. Barcelona decided the game after minute 45. Kiel led 23:22, before the host went away to 28:25 and kept this three goals distance until the end.

Suprisingly the best THW scorer was young Tobias Reichmann with seven goals, Filip Jicha was blocked by the movable and fast Barca defence with a great Cedric Sorhaindo. Best Barca scorer was Laszlo Nagy with six goals.

Kiel was stronger in the beginning, but after the 14:11 for the Germans the host reduced the gap and equalized at the score of 19:19 for the first time.

Group C

Kadetten Schaffhausen – Aab Handball 34:31 (17:19)

For the first time in this season Kadetten have jumped among the four top teams: Thanks to their second straight victory the Swiss champion has best chances to go on to the Last 16, as they still have three consecutive home matches ahead including the one against Minsk. With one match less Kadetten are currently one point ahead of Aalborg. For the Danes it was the fourth defeat in this season.

But the first half was quite different: Aalborg took the lead at the 7:6, extended it to 14:10 after 20 minutes and was in front with still two goals at the break.

But then Kadetten came from the lockers like a blizzard in winter time: Until the 21:21 and 24:24 the match was still equal, but then Schaffhausen extended the gap goal by goal, as their defence stood strong and Aab caused too many mistakes. Match winner for the Swiss champion was goalkeeper Remo Quadrelli.

TEXT: Björn Pazen