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The Viborg HK coach is hoping for an improvement in defence in Podgorica.

Vestergaard: "I am worried"

The Danish double title defender Viborg HK is under big pressure after having lost by nine and eight goals to their main rivals in Group A. The top clash between Budućnost and Viborg in Podgorica on Sunday is already crucial for the Danish champion in order to survive in the EHF Champions League. Coach Jakob Vestergaard is aware of that and is ready for the great battle. What was wrong with Viborg in the last two games?

Jakob Vestergaard: Obviously our defence is not good enough at the moment. When our opponents score so many goals, we experience trouble with one of our most effective weapons, the fast breaks. That explains why we lost those two games. Defence and fast breaks are the key points for us on the next week-ends. How do you explain that your defence is not as effective as it used to be?

Jakob Vestergaard: Last year we were very confident. When our goalkeeper couldn’t catch the ball, at least the defence made it very difficult for the shooters. This year we see the opposite. Bad performance in defence means bad performance for our goalkeepers. We have to stop this situation. Of course when you change half of the team, you need some time to get a good level in defence. This is not an excuse, but we think that’s the main reason of our two defeats. It looked like your team gave up at the end of both of those two games, while the goal average could still be a very important criteria to qualify for the Main Round. Are you disappointed with that?

Jakob Vestergaard: Yes, I am. In Russia we lost the last five minutes by 5-0, and now we are in a difficult situation considering our upcoming home game against Dinamo. It’s also disappointing that we lost by nine goals against Budućnost. We were very good in the first quarter, and then they took the control of the match. They played very well during half an hour, and we gave up in the last part of the game. That was not satisfying. Are you worried?

Jakob Vestergaard: Of course I am. Everybody would be. Now we’re going to play in Podgorica, probably the most difficult place in Europe with all the fans. We are worried and we know it will be very difficult for us. But we go for our chance and we hope for a good result there. What’s your plan to win in the Morača hall?

Jakob Vestergaard: We have to improve in defence. You can win matches if you are good in attack, but to win titles you have to be good in defence. We have prepared a lot in this area during the last days, hopefully that will be enough. Let’s wait and see. We’re not used to that situation, but we proved in the last two seasons that we’re used to have the right reaction when we have to win. How would you rate your chances to qualify for the Main Round?

Jakob Vestergaard: Actually I haven’t thought so much about it, it is one game after another. But if we perform poorly again in Budućnost, then I’m sure it’s over. So we have to fight and hopefully win there. We won the EHF Champions League in the last two years, so it’s a new situation for us. That’s just how it is. We are in a very tough group, both Budućnost and Dinamo are pretty good teams. If one of us (Viborg, Budućnost or Dinamo) had been in Group B, I’m sure we would have been qualified, or on the right track for the qualification. But we have to perform better, otherwise we don’t fit into the EHF Champions League. You had some illness and injury troubles in the beginning of the week. Except Carmen Amariei and Johanna Ahlm, both long-term injured, will everyone be able to play on Sunday?

Jakob Vestergaard: Yes. We only travel with twelve players, but hopefully all of them will be ready, I’m not afraid about that.

The EHF Women's Champions League top game of Group A, ŽRK Budućnost (MNE) vs. Viborg HK (DEN) on Sunday 7 November 2010 at 19:30 hrs (local time), will be broadcast live on our free-of-charge web stream on

TEXT: Grégory Tervel