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Leipzig's Karolina Kudlacz talks about her team and her winning spirit.

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A young team of stars

After two victories and one loss, Germany’s Leipzig has still good chances to qualify for the Main Round of the EHF Women's Champions League. The 25-year-old Karolina Kudlacz is the top scorer of her team in its recent Champions League campaign.

ehfCL.com: You’ve been in Leipzig for quite a long time. How do you view your team this season?

Karolina Kudlacz: I’ve been at Leipzig for five years now and I feel great here. We have a young team this season, without big stars. This makes every one of us a star! We work hard together and we make an excellent team.

ehfCL.com: You started this CL season with two important victories. Did you expect such a good start to the season?

Karolina Kudlacz: We didn’t really expect such a good start, but we’re all very happy that we’ve taken four points from the first two matches. Those points are especially important to us because they were won against strong teams: Itxako and Debrecen.

ehfCL.com: Is the Spanish team your strongest rival for winning first place?

Karolina Kudlacz: Exactly. Itxako is regarded as the favourite in our group, but we managed to defeat them. This is proof of our strength and was the best way to boost our self-confidence!

ehfCL.com: After two victories, you were defeated by Hypo. How will this defeat influence your future plans?

Karolina Kudlacz: We always want to win no matter who we play against. It is the only option for us. Any other outcome is considered as a defeat. So the defeat against Hypo was clearly our failure. But we’ll learn from that experience and improve.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš