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Title holders Viborg HK's key player Grit Jurack sets the objectives clear.

Russian points wanted

She is the only German female handball player who has won the EHF Women’s Champions League title three times. Grit Jurack is an integral part of the Viborg’s success in the last years.

But changes in the squad seem to push the Danish and CL title holders out of the circle of top favourites of this season. Did you already cope with the loss at home against Podgorica?

Grit Jurack: Not really, even though we had a long analysis session on Monday. I hope that we found the right conclusions and go to Volgograd with the necessary anger inside. How hard will it be for Viborg to become number one in Group A after this result?

Grit Jurack: Currently our objective is not to become number one but to qualify for the Main Round. We can make a great step towards that by winning in Russia this weekend. Does that make the match in Volgograd crucial?

Grit Jurack: Yes, or at least highly important. We can collect two important points for our march towards the Main Round. Was it clear to you already in the run-up of the season, that it would be much harder to go as far as last season in the EHF Women’s Champions League?

Grit Jurack: Of course, as three highly important parts have left our house with Popović and the Lunde sisters. Now this house has to be newly built from the basement on – and this cannot be done in only two month. By looking at our last two seasons we also had problems at the beginning but then won the CL title twice. Our objective – to win the trophy for the third consecutive time – has remained the same. But it will be much, much harder than in the last years. We are professional sportswoman, though, so we are ready for to fight to reach our objectives. We set targets and give all we have to reach them. How strong is you team compared to last season?

Grit Jurack: Maybe less strong, but we are definitely strong enough to defend the title in the EHF Women’s Champions League. Does the newly built team already play together well?

Grit Jurack: It takes time to be well-rehearsed, but we take little steps towards this aim in every training session and every match, one after the other. How do you estimate your chances to raise the CL trophy for the third consecutive time?

Grit Jurack: It will be much harder, but it is possible. We do not play on top European level only to be a part of it. We compete because we want to win the title. I believe in our strength! What are – besides Viborg – your CL title favourites?

Grit Jurack: The usual suspects, including Larvik, Vâlcea, Györ and of course Podgorica.

The EHF Women's Champions League game of Group A, Dinamo Volgograd (RUS) vs. Viborg HK (DEN) on Sunday 24 October 2010 at 14:00 hrs (local time) will be broadcasted live on our free of charge web stream on

TEXT: Björn Pazen