Larvik win Nordic duelArticle
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Round 2 of WCL brings second victory for Krim and second defeat for Hypo.

Larvik win Nordic duel

Group B:

Hypo Niederösterreich – SD Itxako Reyno 19:30 (12:13)

Itxako took clear revenge for the home defeat against Leipzig last week – and Hypo remains pointless after this little disaster.Without their key players Piedade, Limal and Pedersen the Austrians took an unexpected clear defeat after losing in Debrecen in Round 1. The Spaniards really overran Hypo after the break, as the second half ended with a score of 7:17.

Group C:

Larvik HK – Randers HK 33:19 (18:8)

Pivot Heidi Löke imprinted the match with ten goals for Larvik. After sensationally beating Valcea in Round 1, Randers didn’t have a chance in Norway, where the host celebrated their second victory. The game was pre-deciced at the break, right after the Norwegians overran the Danes in this Nordic duel with counter attacks. Dalby was Randers top scorer with five goals. The Danes could only keep up to the 8:8, then Larvik scored a 10:0 series until the break after leading 8:3 before.

Group D:

Krim Ljubljana – Zvezda Zvenigorod 36:32 (17:17)

Nine goals of Varlec and seven of Penezic paved the stony way for the second Krim victory after winning in Koprivnica. Thanks to this close success against Zvezda (2 points) the Slovenians remain number one in their group. Young talent Anna Sen was top scorer for Zvezda with eight goals in this close match.

TEXT: Björn Pazen