Csepreghi: "This is a strong competition!"Article
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Still the HCM Constanta left back has hope to reach the Last 16.

Csepreghi: "This is a strong competition!"

After beginning his career in Baia Mare, left back Alexandru Csepreghi is now in his fourth season at the Romanian champions HCM Constanta. The 23-years-old has become one of the best scorers and most valuable players at the Black Sea team.

eurohandball.com: How do you look back on the 22:29 defeat in Flensburg?

Alexandru Csepreghi: Flensburg showed their excellent technique and played very hard in defence. That we could have imagined from a Bundesliga team. However, we were very nervous in the beginning of the game and made a lot of mistakes. Only in second half we started to play handball. Nevertheless, I am afraid that we must admit that we currently don’t have good form.

eurohandball.com: After two defeats, how would you rate your chances in the VELUX EHF Champions League?

Alexandru Csepreghi: Alright, we lost the first two games. But we still plan to end up on fourth place in Group D. That means that our direct opponents aren’t the top teams of the group, Flensburg, Zagreb and Ciudad Real, but Bosna Sarajevo and St. Petersburg.

eurohandball.com: How important is the VELUX EHF Champions League for Constanta?

Alexandru Csepreghi: The CL is a very strong competition. It gives us the opportunity to compete with very powerful and interesting opponents. Despite the fact that the Romanian League in my eyes is developing in a positive way, we are still far away from that quality. In our domestic league there are just three or four teams battling for the title.

eurohandball.com: What does the tattoo on your right arm mean?

Alexandru Csepreghi: It is only a couple of weeks old and shows a praying hand. The initials stand for two people: for my father, who died several years ago, and Zoran Kurteš, our coach, who died of a heart attack in May. He was like a second father to me.

TEXT: Jan Kirschner