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VELUX EHF Men’s Champions League countdown, part 19: Cuatro Rayas BM Valladolid (ESP)

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Four lines for more success

A new name and a slightly new team will represent the city of Valladolid in the upcoming VELUX EHF Men’s Champions League season. The former name Pevafersa changed to Cuatro Rayas, which means "four lines" and is the brand of an agricultural company.

For club President Dionisio Miguel Recio this stands for another step towards a bright future for his club: "We are confident that this partnership will be beneficial for everyone. The club is progressing continuously without stopping. We always wanted to build a big club and now I would say we have succeeded. But that doesn’t mean that we will give up!"

One of the main reasons for their success is Juan Carlos Pastor, who has been coaching the team for 16 years. In that time he has built a squad that has caught up with domestic and international opponents.

For the second consecutive time Valladolid ranked third in the Liga ASOBAL, behind the "big two" Ciudad Real and Barcelona. For Pastor "it will be difficult to top last season’s achievements, especially with the third place and our good standing in the VELUX EHF Men’s Champions League. So maybe we should find a new objective: Winning the Copa del Rey."

In the last season Valladolid showed some strong performances in the CL group stage, but was eliminated by Rhein Neckar Löwen. The same happened in 2008, when the Germans beat them in the semis of the EHF Cup.

But thanks to the success of former years – like winning the Cup Winners Cup 2009 or reaching the CL semi 2007 – the club’s representatives are proud of being "among the 15 best teams in Europe and the 24 best of the world," as president Recio said.

But the face of the squad has changed in contrast to the last successful season: Raul Entrerrios transferred to old rival Barcelona, others left to Spanish or international clubs.

But Valladolid found some highly interesting new players on the domestic and international market: Number one newcomer is French World, European and Olympics Champion Guillaume Joli, arriving from Chambery.

"I have been dreaming of playing abroad for so long, and in Valladolid I have the chances to win titles," Joli said.

Another foreign player is young Norwegian Christopher Rambo, who was recommended by Harvard Twedten, Valladolid’s top scorer from Norway. "I’m very eager to play in Valladolid," Rambo said. He is the third player from the Viking country aside Tvedten and goalkeeping legend Tomas Svensson.

Valladolid also signed some ambitious young Spanish players – an old and successful strategy of coach Pastor. "Getting the chance to play in the VELUX EHF Men’s Champions League was the reason for me to go to Valladolid," Angel Romero explained.

Other key players are Spanish international Eduardo Gurbindo, Serbian international Marko Krivokapic and Spanish national team goalkeeper Jose Manuel Sierra.

In the season preparation phase, centre back Oscar Perales surprised with a very special form of promotion for the club: He let his whole body be painted in the club’s colours. It took eight hours until the body painting artwork was finished.

Key facts

Newcomers: Angel Romero (from Naturhouse La Rioja), Christoffer Rambo (from Rumar), Davor Cutura (from Granollers), Alexis Rodriguez (from Antequera), Guillaume Joli (from Chambery), Victor Alonso (from San Antonio), Victor Megias, Jesus de la Hera, Alvaro Rogel

Left the club: Raul Entrerrios (FC Barcelona), Victor Hugo (Naturhouse La Rioja), Zikica Milosavljevic (Bosna Sarajevo), Jesus Martinez, Juan Bosco Rentero, Hugo Lopez, Herdeiro Lucau, Luka Scurek

Coach: Juan Carlos Pastor (ESP, since 1994)

Club records

Winner EHF Cup 2009
Finalist EHF Cup 1999
Finalist City-Cup 1999
Finalist Cup Winners Cup 2006
Semi-finalist EHF Champions League 2007
Semi-finalist EHF Cup 2008
Third place Spanish league 2009, 2010

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TEXT: Björn Pazen