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Denmark will meet Spain and Germany will face Croatia for the Final of the M18 ECh in Montenegro.

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M18 ECH: semi-finals coming up in Podgorica

The game is still on: all four teams standing want to show their best, show an impressive performance and make their supporters proud.

Danish team spiritYoung players from 16 European countries took part at the Men’s 18 EHF European Championship in two towns of Montenegro, Podgorica and Niksic.

The first five match days of the competition proved that it takes hard work to win a medal at a competition where a shot, defense or a turnover can determine your fate.

Four teams have excelled so far. The semi-finalists of the European Championship showed the best physical fitness, technique, concentration and creativity on court. Germany, title holders, will play against Croatia; Denmark and Spain will play in the other semi-final.

What did they do better than the other teams of the European Championship? Let's take a look at their road to the top so far...

(winner of Group C and Main Round Group 2)

At the premiere, the Germans defeated Montenegro (26:23) and showed everyone that they were the best team of their group. In the next round they defeated Portugal (26:23). The best player of the match was Hansen with 6 goals and Feld (4 goals, 3 assists). Then the biggest derby was against Spain and Germany won by seven goals (31:24). Fortsbauer scored 8 goals and Webber was also great with 7 goals and 5 assists.

In the Main Round Group 2 with a victory over Slovenia (27:20) the Germans secured their first place. At the last game Germany was beaten by the Swiss team (29:24), but it didn’t influence the ranking of the team.

(winner of Group A and runner-up of Main Round Group 1)

In the first phase of the European Championship, Croatia made three victories. As winners of Group A, the Croats were favorites to reach the semi-finals. The most convincing victory of Croatia was over Sweden – (26:21). Caleb was the star of the match with 10 goals. At the beginning, the Croats were better than Poland (26:23) and Caleb was in his best form again with 8 goals and 8 assists. In the last round the Croats defeated Norway (30:26). In the Main Round group, the Croats have beaten Serbia by 26:21. In the last round Croatia was defeated by Denmark and the took the second place of Group A. In the semifinal Croatia will meet Germany.

(runner-up of Group B and winner of Main Round Group 1)

The Danes showed that hope is the last to die... In Group B the Danes made two victories over Slovakia (30:23) and Russia (33:27) and were defeated by Serbia. In the last two Main Round matches they played very bravely and won Group M1. The Danes defeated Croatia and Sweden (31:30).
Langerhuus with 8 goals (11 shots) helped the Danes to celebrate over Croatia in the last game.

(runner-up of Group C and runner-up of Main Round Group 2)

The Spaniards – as the Danes – started the Main Round with zero points, but with two victories they made it to the semi-finals. Spain's team got four points in the matches against Slovenia (24:23) and Switzerland (23:21) and took the second place of Group M2. The last and the most difficult match was against Slovenia. Dujshebaev scored 8 goals and Arino 7 – this is 15 together out of the 24 Spanish goals…
At the start of the European Championship in Group C Spain were defeated by Germany, but won against Portugal (24:15) and Montenegro (32:24).

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The official website of the M18 European Championship in Montenegro offers all results and complete statistics.

TEXT: Ana Markovic