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Gunnar Prokop quits his work as Hypo-NÖ manager.

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Hypo: Prokop resigns

On Wednesday Gunnar Prokop announced his resignation as manager of the Austrian women’s top club Hypo Niederösterreich.

Prokop stated in his release that he would "resign as manager and in charge of the sport's most successful handball clubs of Europe with eight Champions League victories by 1 July 2010"

Differences with club leaders

Prokop continued: "I founded the club in 1972 and have led it successfully for 38 years. Nowadays my view of top club leadership differs too much of the views of the current management board, despite our – in my opinion – good financial planning."

"Of course also we have felt the general economic situation. But different opinions about signing players who would have been absolutely necessary to keep the international top level of the last 25 years, as well as signings that were promised both me and the club treasurer but never became reality, have prompted me to resign all responsibility for Hypo NÖ. "