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An enormous demand for tickets puts Oltchim Valcea under pressure.

Vice president: "Torture!"

Despite losing the first leg of the Women’s EHF Champions League final by seven goals, the players of Oltchim Valcea are confident before the decisive game in Bucharest this Saturday.

"We know that it has never happened before that a team overturned the EHF Champions League final after losing the first game with seven goals difference. But we want to prove that there is a start for everything," Valcea’s left wing, Iulia Puscasu said confidently.

"Many people have said that our defeat in Viborg is a tragedy. It is not! Tragedy is when someone dies, like it happened to Zoran Kurtes, the coach of HCM Constanta last week. In our case it is only a defeat and we still have 60 minutes left to repair everything," Valcea coach Radu Voina commented.

The team of Oltchim Valcea has started their preparation for the second leg in Sala Polivalenta in Bucharest. Although they will not play in their home hall in Valcea, the players of Oltchim feel that the glass is rather half full than half empty.

"The good thing is that in Bucharest more people will be able to come and support us in a way only Romanians do. This will be of big assistance for our team and – hopefully – a huge problem for Viborg," Valcea’s captain Steluta Luca hoped.

Run on tickets

Over 5,000 spectators are expected to attend the second leg of the EHF Champions League Final in Bucharest’s Sala Polivalenta. The Valcea staff has had a lot of challenges over the last weeks, since they faced a huge demand for tickets. More than 15,000 official ticket requests were received at the club office.

"It was torture! There were some moments when I wished to simply fall asleep and to wake up at the very start of the final, just to skip all these troubles. For sure I made a lot of enemies these days, since I simply couldn’t satisfy all the people who desperately wanted to attend the game," Valcea’s vice-president Petre Berbecaru admitted.

Women, 2009/10 EHF Champions League Final, second leg game:
C.S. Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea (ROU) vs. Viborg HK (DEN)
Sala Polivalenta, Bucharest (ROU), 15.05.2010, 19:45 (GMT+2)

First leg game:
Viborg HK (DEN) vs. C.S. Oltchim Ramnicu Valcea (ROU) 28:21 (14:11)

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TEXT: Emilian Voicu