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Valcea’s Cristina Neagu is looking forward to her first EHF Champions League final.

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"Why would I be nervous? "

This season’s EHF Champions League Final has a special meaning for Cristina Neagu. Valcea’s 21 years old left back player is one of the most wanted handball players. Some of the biggest teams have been fighting for her signature since she became the most valuable youth player in the world 4 years ago. Among those is also the final opponent Viborg.

eurohandball.com: Why did you stay in Valcea?

Christina Neagu: Two years ago I had a difficult decision to make. Among the many offers I had, two were the most interesting: the one from Viborg and the other one from Valcea. I chose Valcea and now I even smile when I think of that. No matter what, even if I would have chosen Viborg, I would have still played the Champions League Final.

eurohandball.com: What is the biggest difference between Valcea and Viborg?

Christina Neagu: I don’t see any difference between Viborg and Valcea. They are both strong clubs, they both offer extraordinary opportunities, they both count on very good players and both of them have the winning mentality.

eurohandball.com: Is it true you almost ended up as a basketball player?

Christina Neagu: Yes, as a kid I was balancing between handball and basketball. I started with handball at the age of 12, and at that time my first coach, Maria Covaci, had to convince me to continue. It just proved to have been the best choice after all. I also have to admit that my family has an important word to say in all of my decisions.

eurohandball.com: Do you feel fearless despite your young age?

Christina Neagu: So what that I am only 21 years old? So what that I face difficult opponents? Why would I be nervous? They are exactly like me: they have 2 hands and 2 legs. And handball is just a sport, after all.

eurohandball.com: Are you looking forward to your first EHF Champions League final?

Christina Neagu: Viborg is a great team. We faced them in the Group Stage and split the victories. But now it will be totally different. To win the trophy we need much more than playing good games. We have to give our very best and a bit more.

TEXT: Emilian Voicu