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Race for the EHF FINAL4: Interview with FC Barcelona's player Albert Rocas.

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"The ideal 6 goals"

The FC Barcelona Borges managed to win their first Quarterfinal leg against Hungarian champions MKB Veszprém with 33:27. But five days before the decisive away game right wing Albert Rocas is still full of respect and cautious.

eurohandball.com: What is your expectation before the game in Hungary?

Albert Rocas: I think that we have great chances to go to Cologne, but we know that we still need a great performance in Hungary. Veszprém is a very difficult opponent because they always fight back. In any situation they are ready to win the game, and never look at the score. What we need is a good match without losing any balls. They defend very well and run a lot.

eurohandball.com: How much of a decision are the six goals of difference from the first leg?

Albert Rocas: It is an advantage for us. With the six goals in mind we don’t need to be nervous, but we still have to be very concentrated during the entire game. I think that 6 goals are an ideal lead. If the lead is bigger, you might act too relaxed in the beginning and that could end badly. If you have less goals difference from the first game, you might act too careful and nervous which often leads to mistakes.

eurohandball.com: You have already played some games in Veszprém, but this time the court will be different. What do you think of their new Arena?

Albert Rocas: For me it is not very significant but I think that it is very positive for them. They keep their great atmosphere, but now they have the support of even more fans. It is similar to the situation in Zagreb.

eurohandball.com: Is the new format EHF FINAL4 a special motivation?

Albert Rocas: Of course it is. It is new for everybody and we definitely want to be there. I am sure that it will be a moment to remember. To play in the LANXESS arena in front of 20,000 fans sounds incredible to us. And that is a great motivation. The new format also gives a better chance to underdogs, as favourites are more likely to win in two elimination matches. I believe that the EHF FINAL4 opens possibilities for surprises.

eurohandball.com: Talking about favourites, is the quarterfinal duel between Ciudad Real and HSV Hamburg helpful for the other teams?

Albert Rocas: Of course it is, no doubt about that. These two great clubs are both favourites for winning the EHF Champions League. So it is very convenient for us that one of these two teams, which are the best teams in the competition, will not take part in the last stage.

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TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi