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Race for the EHF FINAL4: Interview with HSV Hamburg’s player Hans Lindberg.

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"Dreamers lose!"

With his seven goals, Danish international Hans Lindberg was the top scorer when HSV defeated the reigning Champions League winners Ciudad Real at home with 26:22. The second leg is coming up, and as hopes are high in northern Germany, they are at the same time fully aware that they are in anticipation of probably the toughest game of the season in Spain.

eurohandball.com: The first leg against Ciudad Real finished with a victory. How are your odds of going through to the EHF FINAL4?

Hans Lindberg: It is hard to reckon whether the four goals difference will be enough. We expect an entirely different match in Spain. On our home court in Hamburg we had a fantastic atmosphere from our fans that supported and helped us. On Sunday Ciudad Real can take advantage of their supporters.

eurohandball.com: How satisfied are you with the first leg game?

Hans Lindberg: It feels hard not to be content. If we could have avoided those ten unfocused minutes in the second half, I would be even more satisfied. In that period our seven goal lead vanished, it was reduced to a thin two goal gap.

eurohandball.com: This May in Cologne the EHF FINAL4 will be carried out for the very first time. What are your expectations from this new four team format?

Hans Lindberg: I bet that it will be an outstanding event. But that is as far as I have thought about it until now. At the moment we are mainly focused on the return game in Ciudad Real. In that game one of Europe’s best teams will be eliminated one step before the EHF FINAL4. And I really hope that we are the ones going to Cologne.

eurohandball.com: Hamburg have won the German cup, and lead in the Bundesliga. Are you dreaming of the triple?

Hans Lindberg: Before the season we settled that it was our objective to be among the last teams in every competitive tournament. Now it is the end of April, we are already German cup winners, and are still in the race for winning the Bundesliga and the EHF Champions League. That is great, but we know that we aren’t through yet. And at this stage, I am not going to start being a dreamer; we have a lot of hard work ahead. Dreamers lose.

eurohandball.com: You are the current Bundesliga top scorer. What does the scorer crown mean to you?

Hans Lindberg: I would be proud, of course. But more important is that we as a team can accomplish all of our goals. And please don’t forget that it would be the work of the team if I end up as league top scorer. As a wing player I benefit from the great passes I receive.

eurohandball.com: You have been with HSV for three years. Is Hamburg a good place for Danish right wings?

Hans Lindberg: Yes, it really is. Hamburg is a great city, where there are lots of things to do. And it is not at all far from my home country. And the most important thing is that the atmosphere in the team is extraordinary, we are very successful.

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TEXT: Jan Kirschner