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Race for the EHF FINAL4: Interview with Montpellier HB coach Patrice Canayer.

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"Favourite doesn’t mean winner"

After winning their Champions League Group A, they had a hard time in the Last 16 as they struggled against the Danish champions KIF Kolding. But after a draw in Denmark, they secured their quarterfinal ticket with a victory at home. Their match against the Russian side from Chekhov was postponed to Wednesday due to volcano ashes .

eurohandball.com: Do you agree with experts, that Montpellier is the only team in the quarterfinals, which is a clear favourite in its duel?

Patrice Canayer: Perhaps that is right, but we are aware that favourite doesn’t mean winner. I rate our chances against Chekhov not more than 50:50 at this stage of the competition. It is a new game and we have to forget the first two matches, when we won twice in the Group Stage.

eurohandball.com: Your game is postponed due to the air flight situation and over Europe. How does this affect your team?

Patrice Canayer: The EHF has showed a lot of comprehension and agreed to move the match. I hope the flight situation will not have any affect on my team. The current player situation at our team is OK. We are on a good way despite some injuries.

eurohandball.com: What is your impression of your opponent Chekhov?

Patrice Canayer: Chekhovskie Medvedi is a great team. They are a major part of the Russian National team. They play very well together and perform a classical way of handball but with a very strong physical impact. I would say the physique of the players and their habit to play together are their biggest strengths.

eurohandball.com: Are you satisfied with the performance of your team in the Champions League this season?

Patrice Canayer: At this moment I can’t say anything else than that I am very satisfied. Then again - we will see next week.

eurohandball.com: What do you think of the new format EHF FINAL4?

Patrice Canayer: This format is very attractive, even if I prefer the classic first leg and return match. But it adds an interesting angle. I don’t care which teams qualify as long as Montpellier is one of them…

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TEXT: Olivia Roussel