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Race for the EHF FINAL4: Interview with FC Barcelona Borges coach Xavi Pascual.

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"Veszprém, a team designed to win"

When FC Barcelona Borges meets the Hungarian champions MKB Veszprém KC, handball fans can expect a much focused clash on a high level. The two teams will meet for the first of two matches, which will result in the elimination of one of the top handball teams in Europe. This is the last step before reaching the EHF FINAL4 in Cologne.

eurohandball.com: Is Barcelona at the peak of their form in this season?

Xavi Pascual: I don’t know. We have managed to consolidate our handball and are playing good games. I believe that we perform well, however, that is only a feeling. And only our successful history combined with feelings is not enough to get to the EHF FINAL4.

eurohandball.com: Veszprém coach Mocsai praises your great players and describes that you have a lot of tactical options.

Xavi Pascual: Every team is different. I believe that our strongest advantage is our confidence. We believe in ourselves and in the possibility to win. That is crucially important. The quarterfinals will be very interesting matches on the way to our final objective.

eurohandball.com: How would you describe your opponents Veszprém?

Xavi Pascual: Veszprém is a strong, consistent and balanced team. They manage to play games with a lot of goals, and then again they can show a very defensive match. The Hungarians defend very well and are able to run fast breaks. It is a team designed to win.

eurohandball.com: As an ex-goalkeeper, what is your relation to their goalie Dejan Peric?

Xavi Pascual: Of course, I know Dejan very well. Not only is he a great goalkeeper, but with his experience he can give the team more. He is a fantastic, excellent player, and as he spent two seasons in Barcelona we respect him a lot.

eurohandball.com: How important do you rate the fact that the second game is played in Hungary?

Xavi Pascual: Hard to say. In my opinion we are now in a group of the best clubs of Europe, where every team is ready to win on any court. All I know is that it is going to be a very hard elimination.

eurohandball.com: What do you think about the new format EHF FINAL4?

Xavi Pascual: I think that it is good idea and that it will be great. Everybody has got high expectations, which makes the tournament very important. I also believe that it will become an even more significant event in the future. And then again, the EHF FINAL4 makes the quarterfinal elimination essential.

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TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi