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Danes lose in Larvik 26:27, but had won the first leg 27:21.

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Viborg in the finals again

Semifinal, 2nd leg:

Larvik HK – Viborg HK 27:26 (10:13)

Despite the facts that Larvik remained unbeaten on home soil and that Heidi Löke scored her 100th goal in this seasons Champions League season, the Norwegians are eliminated from the competition. After winning 27:21 in Denmark in the first leg the close defeat in Larvik was enough for Viborg to reach the final for the second consecutive time. “It was incredible,” Viborgs Rikke Skov said: “It was a real challenge for us to reach the final. We’re not as strong as last season, but we’re full of hope for the final.”

The opponent will be decided on Sunday in the second leg of Valcea and Györ, last Sunday both teams tied. (live on at 16.15 (GMT +2).

„I’m so satisfied,“ Viborg player Henriette Mikkelsen said: „It’s cool to reach the final. The match in Larvik was a great international experience for us. We played great before the break but then we decelerated and our lead decreased. But in the end it was enough.”

Even before thevolcano in Iceland erupted the Danes had taken the ferry to Norway and they had to hurry to reach the ferry back – but they celebrated.. “We really had to hurry, so the celebration in the Arena wasn’t that much,” Mikkelsen said, who scored five goals – the second most for Viborg aside Anja Althaus (7). Top scorers for Larvik were Nora Mörk (8) and Heidi Löke (7).

Viborg avoided the Larvik counter attacks most of the time, which was one reason for reaching the final. The Danes were mostly in lead and extended it to 13:10 at the break, which meant a nine goal lead in total.

But then the strong period of Nora Mörk began, and Viborg really had problems in keeping their rhythm. Larvik played quite strong, but as Viborg was still in lead five minutes before the final whistle, the semis were decided. But Larvik showed their real strength and won the game in end. “It was very tough for us to turn the match and it feels great to beat Viborg,” Heidi Löke said: “The semis were decided in the first leg.”

The finals will be played on May 8/9 and May 15/16.

TEXT: Björn Pazen