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Jakob Vestergaard talks about the chances after the first semi-final won by Viborg.

Still a long way to the Final

Before the first leg of the semifinal tie between Viborg HK and Larvik HK, both sides were busy telling that the other team were the favourites. However, both teams agreed that the semfinals would be two close matches.

Regarding the first match, this prediction came true in the first half only. 13-13 was the score at the break – but already at the middle of the second half, the home team had established a six goal lead. Despite this relatively comfortable victory, Viborg coach Jakob Vestergaard was not willing to admit that his team are close to the final. How do you explain that you could win the first game by such a big differnce?

Jakob Vestergaard: The first half was completely equal and actually Larvik had the opportunity to take the lead with a couple of goals. We were under great pressure and never had space for our fast-breaks.

In the second half, I think we managed to turn the game, mainly because we improved in defence. Though it is hard to defend well, when Heidi Løke (Larvik´s pivot, ed.) is working inside your wall. However, I think we managed to control her rather well in the second half and that allowed us to have fast breaks too. Did the physical aspect also play a part?

Jakob Vestergaard: No doubt about that! The fact that we had Grit Jurack back gave us more resources. Speaking of Grit Jurack, the comeback of her and Anja Althaus played a great part in your success. Do you agree?

Jakob Vestergaard: Yes, that was fantastic. We were hoping that things would turn out so well, but we could really not expect anything. It was good that Grit got into the game so early. That really gave her the opportunity to show what she is able to do. I had certain expectations from Anja that she could play at a fairly high level and I think she did. So in general, it is really fantastic to have them back! How close are you to the final now?

Jakob Vestergaard: We are not close at all! Everything is till open. Just three minutes of black-out and Larvik could score six goals from fast-breaks. So we are not close to anything yet. But did you really imagine before the first match that you would go to Larvik being six goals up?

Jakob Vestergaard: No, we have to say that the second half of the first match turned out perfectly for us. We even missed a few scoring opportunities towards the end, so there is still a lot at stake in Larvik. However, as we were hoping to win the first match with three or four goals, we are happy about the six goal lead.

TEXT: Peter Bruun