No fear from the Montpellier atmosphereArticle
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Kolding’s captain Anders Oechsler is happy to play in front of a fanatic French fan club.

No fear from the Montpellier atmosphere

Montpellier HB´s home court is often mentioned as the “hell of Southern France”. The French team have a loud and enthusiastic home crowd, for sure.

The captain of Danish Kolding, Anders Oechsler, is not frightened before the game and he claims to be ready for the start after a 26-26 draw in Kolding.

Coach Linnell has to find the right tools against What do you say about the chances after the 26-26 at home?

Anders Oechsler: Right after the match we felt bitter for failing to win once again. However, if we think about the fact that Bo Spellerberg was weaker after his illness, Kasper Søndergaard was ill and René Toft Hansen got two early suspensions, I think it was a great fight from the team. We can build on that for the return match. Let’s say Montpellier would not have equalised from that overtime free throw. What would it change for Saturday?

Anders Oechsler: I think both teams have pretty much the same opinion if you ask them. A draw or one goal for someone doesn’t mean a lot. It could have given us some more confidence to finally defeat one of the “big teams”, but it would not have meant a lot when you look at the whole picture. We still have 60 minutes to play. Montpellier´s home court is a notorious place for away teams. You played there in the past. What can you expect there?

Anders Oechsler: It’s a fantastic hall and a great home crowd trying to put as much pressure on the away team as possible. At the same time this support encourages their team. I simply love that kind of atmosphere and I’m sure it will also be awesome for those who have not experienced it yet. You don’t seem to be scared…

Anders Oechsler: No, we are not. Most of us tried similar places several times with a club team or national team. Honestly, it only makes it more fun.

TEXT: Peter Bruun