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The Slovenian top team is building the squad of the future.

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Rnić from Velenje to Celje

Serbian player Momir Rnić has signed a four year contract with Celje Pivovarna Laško and will move just few kilometers from Velenje to Celje next season.

Left back who came to Gorenje two years ago will be a new important part of "Noka" Serdarušić's mosaic for next season. The 22-year old Serbain national player decided for Celje despite good offers from Germany.

"I am very happy to sign for such a big club as Celje is. I think I will have good chances to make progress while working with such expert as Noka Serdarušić is. Beside that I will be able to play with Zorman, Toskić, Vugrined, Koksharov anad others what is great honour," said Momir Rnić.

Not long ago Celje also signed with Slovene Nejc Poklar (Cimos Koper) and Croat Mirko Alilović.

TEXT: Maja Mastnak