Lecusanu: The Final is still far away...Article
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The Valcea star is not thinking about the Final yet, Győr is the next task.

Lecusanu: The Final is still far away...

After several years playing for Danish league clubs, Romanian international Narcisa Lecusanu returned to Romania two years ago to play for national champions Oltchim Valcea. Saturday, however, she was back in Denmark again to play the last main round match for her club – against Viborg, a team she met so many times during her years in Denmark.

Lecusanu was back in DenmarkEurohandball.com had a talk with the 33-year old left back and playmaker about the Valcea team of today and the chances in the near future.

Eurohandball.com: What was it like for you to play in Denmark again?

Narcisa Lecusanu: It was great! I always look forward to playing in Denmark, as you have strong teams here, who can always challenge us – and you have some fantastic fans here as well! I always feel a bit at home here!

Eurohandball.com: How did you see the match which your team lost 33-26?

Narcisa Lecusanu: Well, we were weakened and the match did not mean a lot, as you know, as we were already sure to win the group and go on to the semi-finals. However, we always strive to play a good match, so our performance was a bit disappointing?

Eurohandball.com: What is your general impression of the Valcea team you are playing in at the moment?

Narcisa Lecusanu: We have a very strong team, with a highly professional attitude – a team which can go far, and I am convinced that we are also going to have a strong team for a very long team in the future!

Eurohandball.com: Your opponents in the semi-final will be Győr, finalists last year. What are your expectations for those matches?

Narcisa Lecusanu: They are very open matches, which seem to me to be going to be very equal. It will be two very strong teams playing against each other in those semi-finals, but I think that we should just stick to our own way of playing. If we play at our best over two matches, we definitely have a chance to reach the final!

Eurohandball.com: Many people have rated your team as favourites of the tournament. What is your comment to those expectations?

Narcisa Lecusanu: It is still very early to even speak about qualifying for the Final! First we are going to play the semi-finals, and if we make it there, we can talk about who are favourites. I really cannot look that far at the moment – the final is still far away!

TEXT: Peter Bruun