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Hypo’s Marion Limal believes in their minimal chance for the semis.

"Anything can happen"

Viborg HK of Denmark was unable to win at Hypo-NÖ. The Austrians clearly defeated the favoured Danes last weekend and still have a slight chance to progress to the semis.

The key player of this victory was French 23 year-old back Marion Limal, who contributed 7 goals to Hypo’s first victory in the Main Round. Marion spoke to eurohandball.com about last weekend’s game and upcoming challenges.

Photograph: Grégory Terveleurohandball.com: Last summer you moved from Besançon to Vienna. How is Austria, how are your team mates?

Marion Limal: It was not an easy thing to move abroad, being so young and with no knowledge of the German language. I was quite okay with English, however. I wanted to experience a new culture, both for the country and handball aspects. The team quickly accepted me and I’ve got a good relation with the other players. Everything is more professional here and I feel very well.

eurohandball.com: Before last weekend’s game Hypo was without points in the Champions League Main Round. How do you explain the three defeats?

Marion Limal: In the beginning we faced many problems. Hypo’s greatest weapons, the quick play and fast-breaks didn’t work out well. Obviously the opponents are stronger in the Main Round and it’s not easy to play against such extraordinary teams like Dinamo and Viborg.

eurohandball.com: A surprising home victory against title holder Viborg HK followed. What made the difference in your opinion?

Marion Limal: In the first three rounds we had difficulties and at the half-way stage of the Main Round we only had a small chance to advance to the semis. We knew that without the pressure we had to give all we have in the last games. We were aware of our strengths, so with unity and solidarity we bravely fought and achieved this great success.

eurohandball.com: After recovering from your injury you performed very well in the game and scored seven times. Did your French friends in the stands give you extra motivation for this game?

Marion Limal: It was indeed nice to have them there cheering for me. Certainly I wanted to show them what I’m capable of, so I’m pleased I came up with a good game.

eurohandball.com: Two games are left and, theoretically, Hypo-NÖ can still qualify for the semis. What are your objectives for the game against Oltchim Vâlcea?

Marion Limal: It’ll be a very tough game, but in handball anything can happen. If we perform like we did in the last match, then we have a good chance. Our whole team showed great solidarity in the last game, and we made real progress. I’ll try to contribute by scoring more goals.

TEXT: Márk Hegedüs