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Győr's Brazilian left back expresses her confidence.

Amorim dreams of the final talked to Győri Audi ETO's left back Eduarda Amorim. The Brazilian top player is confident that her team will make it to the Champions League final again. How used are you already to the team and to the Hungarian language?

Eduarda Amorim: Very much, I feel that I adapt more and more to the team style. Nowadays the Hungarian language is not a big issue anymore, I have learned a lot of the terms, especially those for training. But I have to admit that for the games sometimes I need an extra help with a sketch. It is a very difficult language, but I am managing it. Do you think you could develop your skills since coming to Győr?

Eduarda Amorim: Yes, because I play much more games here than I used to do all of my former teams. In combination with the powerful trainings it helps me to develop my game play. Do you think ETO will be able to reach the Champions League final again?

Eduarda Amorim: For sure I am very confident of that. We have a great team with excellent players and we are working very hard to get there. It's almost 100% certain that Győr will play in the semi-finals again. Which team would you choose to play against in the semis, Vâlcea or Viborg?

Eduarda Amorim: I wouldn’t choose one, both are top teams. But we are as well, and we are playing better and better every match. It doesn't matter who is our opponent, I believe in our strength, the result will only depend on our performance. If we manage to play well, no one is going to take away our chance to get to the final. What was the key of the 28:23 victory against Larvik?

Eduarda Amorim: In the first match against them we played terribly, a real game play catastrophe. But before the second match we had hard trainings and analysed Larvik on video several times. So in the second match we stopped their fast breaks and their line player much better. This weekend you'll have to travel to Ljubljana. What are your expectations of this match?

Eduarda Amorim: I expect a very hard match but we have to collect two points to ensure the semi finals. If we play like we played against Larvik or even better, that should be enough to keep our first place in the group.

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