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Krim’s top scorer out for at least 6 weeks.

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Andrea Lekić injured

Andrea Lekić’s bad injury in 59th minute of the match between Leipzig and Krim Mercator totally spoiled the party of Slovenian Champions. It means Krim's top scorer will be out of practice for at least 6 weeks.

With just a minute to go and the game already decided, the 22 year old Serbian international dislocated her elbow after falling severely with the whole body and weight on her shoulder. She was driven directly to the hospital where she received surgery and a plaster. Further examinations will show how bad her ligaments are hurt.

For unlucky Lekić this is already the third injury within two months. Almost the whole January she spent in bed due to stomach and diaphragm problems. After that she had a bad blister below her lip and cut it in Györ. That was followed by her current elbow injury.

Despite her injury Krim won 31:27 in Leipzig and are still in the run for the semi-final.

TEXT: Maja Mastnak