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"Fair play record" in Greece and a 46:22 Russian success.

Easy work for Chekhovskie

At the last CL group match of Chekhovskie, the Russian team did not have difficulties in Saloniki and they have beaten PAOK by 46-22.

The Champions of Russia gave a lesson to PAOK players on simple and modern handball and qualified for the next round with 14 points taking the 2nd place of Group A.

With this game the first CL adventure of PAOK came to an end and the Greek squad said goodbye on the 6th place finishing with 2 points and a historic victory over Pick Szeged).

The game on Wednesday evening was practically decided in seven minutes. Chekhovskie took the initiative quickly were leading 8-0. After that the team of Vladimir Maximov kept a good rhythm and were leading 12-24 at halftime.

The Russians had no mercy in the second half either. In the 50th minute the difference was 24 goals (!) already at 22-46.

At the same time, the game was remarkably fair: the referee did not have to suspend anyone during the entire 60 minutes. This may be the “fair play record” of the season…

Line player Nenad Markovic was the top scorer of the hosts by 8 goals and Nikos Riganas (who caught the attention of the Russian club by scoring 11 goals last time) added four.

Chekhovskie had an excellent attack and due to the big difference the coach could give time for the reserve players. Filippov scored 8 times, Starykh 7, Rastvortsev and Chipourin 5 times.

"PAOK are big surprise!"

"We finished our group and played great games. I believe that we gained experience for the future. Medvedi Chekhovskie was an especially strong team, the core of the Russian national squad. It wasn't easy for us to do better this time," head coach of PAOK, Stelios Seirekidis, told.

Vladimir Maximov, head coach of the Russians, praised PAOK:

"PAOK surprised me. At their first ever CL season they fought with honour and despite their small budget they proved themselves. I' am happy to qualify with my team. We lost the first place to Montpellier, now our new target is a place in the FINAL4."

TEXT: Konstantinos Chatzidimitriou