Veszprém’s dreams of the EHF FINAL4Article
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The Hungarian’s Coach Lajos Mocsai talks about prestige, individual training and the team’s goal.

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Veszprém’s dreams of the EHF FINAL4

Hungarian MKB Veszprém are doing well in their job in the Men’s Champions League. Not only are they leading Group B, they have already secured the first place and their ticket to the last 16. talked with the Hungarian’s Coach Lajos Mocsai. Are you satisfied with your team’s performance so far?

Lajos Mocsai: Yes, I am very satisfied. We have already won our group, whatever result may follow. Thus there will be no risk in the match against Kielce, it’s only about prestige. Group winners have double advantages: firstly they play against a 4th placed team from another group, secondly the return match is played on home court. What is the difference between last year’s and current Veszprém?

Lajos Mocsai: Our team is united, working seriously and continuously since summer. Last year we were also among the best 8 teams of Europe. So considering this I can’t see any change. I only can see that our team can complete tasks and that it can prepare consciously for serious matches. Although we were forced to play without left-handed player in the last three months, we could resolve this tactically tougher condition. Our defence is working hard and well organized, and like every other team we also aim to play fast. Our team play is quite creative and incalculable against a 6-0 defence, because we emphasize on individual training. Do you see any chances to get to the EHF FINAL4?

Lajos Mocsai: There are only a few among these 16 teams who definitely can announce that. It’s a long process. Let’s wait until we qualify to the best 8 teams. I’m sure we won’t be an easy opponent to any team before that. Our destiny is in our hands, as always. Our main target for this year is to be among the best 8 teams in Europe. Our biggest desire is to play in the FINAL4, but there are about 12 teams out of these 16 teams with the same dream. The realization always depends on results, injuries, and a lot of other factors. So our basic theory is to always concentrate on the next task. The most important is to await our next opponent fearlessly. We try to inject extremely positive energy to the team. I hope we can continue this professional work without any serious injuries in the team. Then we will see how far we can get...

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