"We want to return from Kiel smiling"Article
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KIF Kolding’s keeper Ole Erevik talks about their tough remaining program.

"We want to return from Kiel smiling"

THW Kiel are considered huge favourites in Saturday’s Group D match at home against Danish KIF Kolding. Still, almost 700 Kolding fans have decided spend their Saturday afternoon in the Sparkassen Arena of Kiel, supporting their team.

This is in connection with the great momentum of the Kolding side. After last Saturday’s 28-21 home victory in the Champions League against Vardar Skopje, the Danish champions played one of their best matches in a long time Wednesday evening, defeating Viborg HK 36-28 in a home match in the Danish league.

On that occasion, Kolding’s goalkeeper, Ole Erevik did a particularly marvellous job. eurohandball.com talked to the Norwegian international about the upcoming challenges.

eurohandball.com: Was the Viborg game the turning point for your team after a rather inconsistent period of time?

Ole Erevik: I think it is a bit early to talk about a turning point based on only one game. But looking at our performances against Skopje and Viborg, I think you can say that we are definitely on the right track. I hope we can continue this improvement in Kiel. In the draw of our first game at home we should have won. They have probably learned from that match that it would be stupid of them to underestimate us.

eurohandball.com: You are currently third in Group D and your remaining program in the group apart from the Kiel game is a home match against FC Barcelona. Can you hold on to that third position at all?

Ole Erevik: It will probably be necessary that Barcelona win away against Ademar this weekend, and we would have to win against either Kiel or Barcelona. In both our remaining matches, however, there is no pressure on us. So we can really feel free in those matches which I think is going to be an advantage for us.

eurohandball.com: Speaking of Barcelona, their best chance to win a title this year may be the Champions League, after they lost against Ciudad Real in the Spanish league again Wednesday. What do you think that will mean to their motivation for the rest of the Group Phase?

Ole Erevik: Actually, it can work two ways, I think. There is no doubt that their motivation to win the Champions League will increase even further, if possible. But it may also put some extra pressure on them. A season without a title is no fun in Barcelona, and also that may be an advantage for us.

eurohandball.com: What does it mean to you and your teammates to have almost 700 Kolding fans supporting you in Kiel Saturday?

Ole Erevik: I think it is fantastic that so many people from Kolding are willing to spent a Saturday afternoon watching us in Kiel, and there is no doubt that it means a lot to us players. There is also no doubt, though, that everyone – players and supporters – are in for a great experience, and hopefully we can all go home after the match with a smile on our face.

TEXT: Peter Bruun