Successful rehearsal in ZagrebArticle
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The Croatians are prepared for the clash against Ciudad Real.

When 7.000 spectators in the Zagreb Arena cheered for Zagreb Croatia Osiguranje against Fyllingen it also was rehearsal for the upcoming decisive match against Ciudad Real, where much more spectators are expected.

Their match against the Norwegian champions proved Zagreb’s excellent form. With 35 goals scored and a victory with a margin of 12 goals, that was the most convincing victory for the Croatian team in this EHF Champions League season.

Each Zagreb player who entered the court managed to score. Once again left handed sharpshooter Kiril Lazarov was the best scorer of the team. With 62 goals scored he is also leading the Champions League top scorer’s board.

Slovenian goalkeeper Gorazd Škof played 45 minutes, and with great support from the spectators he saved 17 shots.

Still the coaches Senjanin Maglajlija and Mirko Bašić were not completely satisfied with Zagreb’s performance against Fyllingen. They are also concerned about the injury of Valčić, but there is hope that the backcourt player will be ready just in time for the big game against the reigning Champions League winners Ciudad Real on Sunday.

The Group C top game will be broadcasted live on at 18:00 (GMT+1).

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš