Barcelona focus on ZürichArticle
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Or are their thoughts already at the league game against Ciudad?

Barcelona focus on Zürich

Last Weekend Barcelona managed to break with the past. The Sparkassen Arena in Kiel used to be a bad court for them but they finally got pleasure from a very important victory.

Their next opponents in the EHF Champions League are Swiss side Amicitia Zürich. But none other than reigning Champions League BM Ciudad Real are waiting next week in the Asobal League.

The question is whether Barcelona can manage to concentrate on the Champions league game. Barcelona’s coach Xabi Pascual tries his best to pass on the idea to not make any mistakes in the Champions League to his players: "We experienced a superb victory in Kiel but that only gave us two points. We need another victory to stay on top in our Group."

The Spanish coach went on: Pascual expressed in the official web of Barcelona his satisfaction for the victory. "We won in Kiel because we had been working very hard over several months. However, we now have to collect the important two points against Zürich, too."

For Barca’s left winger Cristian Ugalde the Ciudad game is far away: "We can not think about Ciudad before beating Amicitia. First we need these two important Champions League points."

TEXT: Fernando Urra Goñi