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FCK coach Magnus Andersson is looking forward to a tough match in Zagreb.

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We have an obvious advantage

Current number two in the Danish league, FCK Håndbold, will be opening the second part of the Champions League group stage with one of the toughest possible challenges – an away match against Zagreb Osiguranje.

However, Magnus Andersson, Swedish head coach of the Danes, is really looking forward to the Saturday challenge, which is in fact the duel about the third place in Group C.

eurohandball.com: How well prepared is your team for the next Champions League tasks?

Magnus Andersson: I think we are very well prepared. Of course, we are in for a tough match in Zagreb this coming Saturday, but we are also really looking forward to playing in this intense and fantastic atmosphere with a lot of enthusiastic spectators. Of course, we are aware that we can take third position if we win by at least two goals. Of course we will go for that, but we realise that it is going to be extremely difficult away against a very strong Zagreb team.

eurohandball.com: How important is that third place to you?

Magnus Andersson: Well, it depends a lot on what opponent we may get in the last 16. Generally, being third should be better than being fourth, but you never really can tell. However, we always go for the victory and to get to the best possible position.

eurohandball.com: You opened the second half of the Danish league season with two top matches against Kolding and against AaB. Was it important to start with two such tough challenges just before starting in the Champions League again?

Magnus Andersson: It has been an obvious advantage. After a championship such as the EHF EURO 2010 you are always a bit uncertain as to where your players stand. Some have taken part in that championship and may have played more or less, while others have been training back home in the club. Therefore it has been really good for us to compete with two other top teams.

eurohandball.com: At your 30-27 win at AaB Wednesday night you were missing goalkeeper Steinar Ege and line player Jakob Bagersted. Will those two be back for the Zagreb game?

Magnus Andersson: Steinar Ege has been sick with stomach problems, but was much better yesterday. Bagersted has got knee problems, but we are going to test him at Friday’s training and maybe again shortly before the start of the match. However, we are not going to take any risks with him. Apart from those two, backcourt player Kasper Olsen has had surgery in a foot, so actually we are already one man short.

eurohandball.com: What is the motivation like for you and your players after it has become a fact that the men’s team of FCK will be taken over by the new club AG after this season?

Magnus Andersson: Of course the situation is a bit peculiar, but as long as there is something to play for, you will always be trying to win. Furthermore, things will probably settle down a bit more, as all the players find out where they are going to play in the future.

TEXT: Peter Bruun