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Gorenje Velenje’s new captain Ivan Čupić tells us about the situation at the club.

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We will defeat Bosna!

Croatian Ivan Čupić is experiencing good days. In the last league game in Slovenia against Ribnica he scored remarkable 19 goals. On top of that he recently became the captain of his club Gorenje Velenje and took over some new responsibilities.  Despite the fact that Gorenje only have one victory so far in this Champions League season, he is certain that they will reach the last 16.

eurohandball.com: As the Champions League is returning you will be playing in Sarajevo against Bosna. Will that be the second victory?

Ivan Čupić: It is crucial for us to defeat Bosna, because in that way we can eliminate them from advancing to the next round from the direct encounter with us. With a victory, all will be in our hands again, when Kielce and Chambery are coming to our hall.

eurohandball.com: Will it be a tougher challenge than in Velenje in October, regarding the atmosphere created by 3.000 Bosnian fans?

Ivan Čupić: This season all of our matches tied until the end. We lost all with a small difference. I am sure that something similar will happen again with Bosna but with one dissimilarity: That we will win the game, maybe just with one goal difference, it still would be great.

eurohandball.com: There were many changes at your Slovenian club during the EHF Euro 2010. How did that affect you?

Ivan Čupić: Nowadays we are not a new team, we are only a bit different. Some players have left the club and so fewer of us are sitting on the bench. But we do not have that many changes. We still have the same tactical concept. Our playing is based on defence. Besides, all the club’s unfortunate difficulties only motivated us more.

eurohandball.com: A few days ago you were given a special honour by becoming captain of Gorenje. Does that mean new tasks for you?

Ivan Čupić: It is a great honour for me, because I am a link between the coach and the players now. I will try to do that job as good as possible, take care of motivation and being a role model for hard work as well as behaviour on and off the court.

eurohandball.com: Not too long ago you returned from Austria as vice-champions of Europe with Croatia. Did you have any time to celebrate?

Ivan Čupić: No, not really. Still it was magical. A shame we could not defeat French, but they were too good this time. At the next opportunity things will be in our favour. Not too many people believed in us after Lino Červar built a very young team. But on the wings of Ivano Balić we almost managed the impossible and reached silver.

eurohandball.com: You will stay in Slovenia only until the end of the season. Where are you transferring to?

Ivan Čupić: I don’t know yet. But it is sure that I am leaving Gorenje Velenje.

TEXT: Maja Mastnak