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Marta Bon talks about experience and upcoming challenges.

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A lesson for Krim Mercator

Krim Mercator in their Group Phase match against Metz.Despite being defeated in their opener of the Champions League Main Round against Györi Audi ETO, the Slovenian champion’s coach Marta Bon was satisfied with the performance of her team, Krim Mercator.

Bon took over a year and a half ago and has since built a very young but strong team. And she has a lot of confidence in her "girls".

eurohandball.com: Your team lead with six goals in Györ previous Saturday but at the end you lost. What was the reason?

Marta Bon: We have made analyses and I am really content with our defence. I think that was Krim’s best defence play ever. For the most part we also played well in attack, until we started with mistakes and could not keep the pace. Maybe the reasons are how I changed players or that the fear of winning over a big team like Györ was too big to cope with. In the end we paid the price for our inexperience.

eurohandball.com: Was it a good lesson?

Marta Bon: I hope so. We all received a good experience, a good lesson. But I can not say if we "graduated". The result will be seen in the next matches. And these mistakes, they had to happen to some players sooner or later. Well now they happened in Hungary. I hope that it means that they will not be repeated.

eurohandball.com: On Saturday new challenge is in front of you, a clash against Leipzig, who showed great stamina against Larvik.

Marta Bon: I see Leipzig as refreshment in the European handball map. I watched the last match they played against Larvik and must give all respect to them: a simple, but efficient game play.

eurohandball.com: Can your team provide the performance of the first half of Györ over the whole 60 minutes?

Marta Bon: That is our plan. The question that remains is whether Krim Mercator's characteristic is like in the Preliminary Round or whether we can play the same tempo all 60 minutes.

eurohandball.com: Are two points against Leipzig a must?

Marta Bon: We know we have to win if we want to fulfil our goals. But we are aware how strong Leipzig is, however we also have our qualities and "weapons"…

TEXT: Maja Mastnak