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Despite a bad start Pick Szeged is determined to enter the Top 16.

Pylaia a turning point for Pick

Despite a bad start Pick Szeged is determined to enter the Top 16 in Europe. talks to Igor Kos, the Croatian right back who transferred to Szeged from Reale Ademar.

eurohandball: How satisfied are you at this point with the situation in your team?

Igor Kos: Well, in the last season various problems started and they reflected on the beginning of this season, too. For sure Pick Szeged have a much bigger potential than we have showed so far.

eurohandball: So things are improving?

Igor Kos: Yes, our team got used to the new coach and the different training style. I am convinced that this will lead to better results.

eurohandball: So far your team has only collected three points in your six Group A matches. Do you still have a chance to enter the 1/8 finals?

Igor Kos: It is our goal to be among the 16 best teams of Europe. In order to go through we need to defeat PAOK and Constanta. Or – if Constanta lose the matches in Montpellier and Valladolid – we could try to fetch points against Medvedi or Valladolid. In my opinion this is very likely to happen. And once in the Top 16 everything is possible. That makes the Pylaia match on Wednesday decisive for your team?

Igor Kos: Exactly. We must defeat PAOK on the road, this victory can be a turning point for us. It is top priority at this moment.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš