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The Croatian goalkeeper of Krim Mercator can't await the Champions League to continue.

Ambitious Grubišić

Krim's away fans.eurohandball talked to the star player of the Slovenian top club RK Krim Mercator, their Croatian goalkeeper Jelena Grubišić. Despite health problems in Ljubljana, the 23 year old can’t await the match against Györ. She is determined to keep up her great performances. How did you see that Krim secured the Main Round at a so early stage with an impressive winning stream of five consecutive victories?

Jelena Grubišić: It is true; we were the first team to go through to the Main Round. But we deserved it with our play. Did those victories have an influence on your team?

Jelena Grubišić: Our good results boosted our confidence. The team spirit has been on a high level since the beginning of the season. But the most important thing now is to stay focused as there is a lot of work to be done. In Group 1 you will play against Györ, Leipzig and Larvik. Can Krim continue their streak there and be the first team to secure the semi-finals?

Jelena Grubišić: Our group is not an easy one, and we have a very tough task ahead of us. We will give our best to continue with good performances, to get back on a winning streak and to secure the semi-finals. Your first opponents are the Hungarian champions. What do you think about their play?

Jelena Grubišić: All these teams are dangerous and very good teams, and so is Györ. For sure they are even more dangerous now since their key player Görbicz has returned. Their back players often change positions, and all of them are good shooters. They are also strong in defence, with a great goalkeeper. So will you be travelling to Györ with a white flag?

Jelena Grubišić: No, because we are well aware of our own strength. This fact gives us important self-esteem. We are also eager to compete; our entire team can’t wait for the match to start. The atmosphere is excellent, so we go to Györ to win and to collect our first two points.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš