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Viborg’s Gorica Aćimović is bothered by shoulder problems

Big player in a small town

Aćimović in action for her club Viborg.The expectations were big in Viborg HK, when the club signed Gorica Aćimović from Hypo Niederösterreich before this season – and for great parts of the season has the 24 year old right handed backcourt player has lived up to those expectations.

At the moment, however, she is being bothered by shoulder problems which limit her time in active duty during the matches. had a talk with Aćimović about the injury, her first time in Viborg and her expectations for the future. Just how serious is your shoulder injury?

Gorica Aćimović: It is not that bad, really! A muscle in the shoulder has been a little over-stretched. I can still play in the defence, but I cannot play a lot in the attack. I expect the injury to be cured within ten days or so, so I may not be completely fit for our Champions League match in Russia. But soon after that I expect to be absolutely fit. You are playing your first season in Viborg. How do you like it there?

Gorica Aćimović: I feel very well. In some ways it is very different form what I was used to in Austria. For instance, at Hypo Niederösterreich we almost exclusively play Champions League matches, while with Viborg we have a tough schedule in the Danish league, too. League games not only at the weekends but also during the week are common here. And as almost all of the games put us under pressure, the challenge is much bigger here. Have you experienced any difference between your former club, Hypo Niederösterreich and your new club, Viborg?

Gorica Aćimović: I have not noticed any differences between the clubs. Of course there is a big difference between the two cities, as Wien is a very big city and Viborg is definitely a small town in comparison. However, I like it that way. How do you see your team’s chances in the Champions League Main Round which is going to start this weekend?

Gorica Aćimović: I expect us to reach the final. And once we get that far, I expect us to win the final, too. In your Main Round group, you are also going to meet your former club Hypo Niederösterreich. Is that going to be a special experience for you?

Gorica Aćimović: No, I do not think it will be special in any way. Those two games will be two games like all other games. I just hope to play well, and that we can take two points against them at home – and another two on the road.

TEXT: Peter Bruun