Health problems for KrimArticle
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Illnesses threaten their away match in Györ.

Health problems for Krim

This Saturday the Women Champions League is returning to the picture. Slovenian club Krim Mercator lost only one – the very last – match in the Preliminary Round. Now they are facing health and injury problems. There is a question posing whether Andrea Lekić will be able to help her teammates in Györ.

The Serbian national team player is suffering from stomach problems since 14 days. She has lost a lot of physical strength, her appearance in Györ is in doubt.

Krim Mercator also has other health problems including influenza and sore throats. But Coach Marta Bon is nevertheless optimistic: "There are still a lot of players in our club that are strong, prepared, healthy and without problems. And they are excitedly awaiting the match in Györ."

TEXT: Maja Mastnak