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Two team Managers see an exciting challenge coming up.

First reactions on draw

After the Main Round groups have been drawn, we received statements of the managers of two of the eight clubs.

Peter Cassoe, Manager Viborg HĂ„ndbold Klub (reigning champions):
"We would have taken whoever we would have got; all 8 teams still in the competition are very good. We are all happy to continue with these 3 exciting teams we have in our Group 2. A lot of travelling expects us as the distances are long, especially to Russia. But we very much look forward to coming back to Volgograd. It has been a long time since we were there. Valcea we know as a very strong team and in a game against Hypo everybody has to be careful. Still our goal is to reach the final again and then see what happens. That was a fantastic experience last year. We are aware that we will have to beat the best teams to get there"

Werner Olah, Manager C.S. Oltchim Rm. Valcea:
"We know Viborg very well from last year. If we manage to defeat them in Leg 3, everything looks positive in our group I guess. Most important will be to win over Hypo in Austria in the first match. The Russians we do not know too much about yet. However, in the last season we were in the quarter finals, the year before we reached the semi, and this year it is time for the final".