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Byåsen’s head coach Geir Oustorp talks about their upcoming challenge in Leipzig.

Clear conditions for Byåsen

The conditions are very clear for Byåsen HE before the last match day of the Women’s group stage this coming weekend: An away win against HC Leipzig is an absolute must for Norway’s number two in order to advance to the main round. Furthermore they will have to hope for Podravka Vegeta to lose in Viborg.

Byåsen could have freed themselves from a those thoughts with an away win against Viborg on the second last match day. But in Viborg Stadionhal that the Norwegians were never even close to a win on Saturday, where the ruling Champions League winners defeated them 29-22.

“I do not think it was a good match at all, neither Viborg nor we played well. Maybe my players were too impressed of Viborg. Playing against an opponent with world class players on all positions tended to put at little too much respect into them,” Byåsen’s head coach Geir Oustorp told Only a victory in Leipzig keeps your hopes for the main round alive. How are your chances of accomplishing that?

Geir Oustorp: Actually I see our chances as relatively good. Leipzig is a completely different team compared to Viborg. And we have an entire week to prepare for that match and to improve what needs to be improved. Furthermore, we have no injuries, so we will be absolutely ready for that challenge. What is it that has to be improved?

Geir Oustorp: More of our players will have to perform. More players then against Viborg will have to play up to their best. If they don’t, it will be impossible to win. Do you expect your players to have less respect for Leipzig than they had for Viborg?

Geir Oustorp: Well, Leipzig is a very strong team, especially at home, but they do not have the kind of stars that Viborg have. That means our players will not have that much respect for the Leipzig players. So I really think you will see us play with all we have got.

TEXT: Peter Bruun