Doder: We have a chance against allArticle
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The Swedish star of Ademar is not afraid of the CL top sides.

Doder: We have a chance against all

One of the most important players of Reale Ademar is their new playmaker Dalibor Doder. The 30-year old Swedish international joined from BM Aragon before this season and he has already turned into a key player. met the Swedish star of Ademar. Away wins are always said to be extremely important in the Champions League. Your team has just landed and away win against Kolding – 22-21. What exactly does this mean to your chances in the group?

Dalibor Doder: It was an extremely important win for us, especially because it was such a close match. The lead changed hands all the time and at the end Kolding seemed to win. But we managed to change the course of things, so these were two really important points for us. Looking back here at the break in the group stage, how do think your team has done so far?

Dalibor Doder: I think we did well in general. We lost away to Kiel and to Barcelona, but those were defeats anyone might expect. At home, however, we were able to beat any opponent, so I think we have done well so far. Right now you seem to be able to keep the third place in the group – but can you go even further and maybe even take the second position?

Dalibor Doder: I really think we can! We are going to meet Barcelona at home in the spring, and home in León we have a great advantage with a large crowd behind us, so I really consider that be possible! How far do you think you can go on the Champions League this season?

Dalibor Doder: In the Champions League you can only run into good teams! Therefore it does not really matter to me if meet Ciudad Real or Hamburg or Rhein-Neckar Löwen. They are all strong teams – but we definitely have a chance against all! You are new in Ademar. How do you like at the club?

Dalibor Doder: I think I found my place in the team and I feel we play better and better. Things looked a bit problematic at the beginning, but now I see things improving almost on a daily basis.

TEXT: Peter Bruun