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Elena Dmitrieva talks about the rising hopes of the Russian team.

Encouraged Zvezda

The experienced left winger is not completely satisfied with the performance of her team. Despite that, she is optimistic about reaching Main round.

Eurohanball.com: First part of group matches is over. After four rounds played, Zvezda have five points. How do you feel about that and are you satisfied with the job done so far?

Elena Dmitrieva: We are all a little bit tired and dissapointed with the fact that we only won two matches from four matches played. But the last victory brought great joy to all of us.

Eurohandball.com: After defeating Oltchim Zvezda came to second position in group C. It was first defeat for Romanian Champions which makes it even bigger achievement.

Elena Dmitrieva: This was an extremely important victory for us because Oltchim is a great team, I like their play a lot and I am convinced they will play in CL finals. At this point my team needed to start winning. So this victory is greatencouragement for all of us. This will boost our selfconfidence for important matches in January.

Eurohdanball.com: In last two rounds of group matches Zvezda will travel to Győr and Estella. Will you be able to at least keep the second position there?

Elena Dmitrieva: I sincerely hope so. Győr are not the same team as in last season. They are much slower now and have many mistakes. On the other hand Itxako is very fast and clever team. These will be tough matches but I am convinced we can make it to Main round.

TEXT: Ivan Ambroš